May 30, 2015


"Sites hosted will be available to upgrade and administration until 05.31.2015. 
Thereafter you can no longer make publications.
For you retrieve the content published on your site,
will provide the backup of your files by blogger homepage of 06.01.2015 until 06.30.2015.
Brazilian blogs will be in the air for viewing
 until 06.30.2015 and, 01.07.2015 it will be completely OFF."

So I managed to make a little migration of this my blog to 
(where it will be hosted my new blog).
I would like to apologize for the lack of customization of this new blog, 
because I'm newcomer (I had never used this domain previously), 
I would also like to apologize to the shop owners who care about the visitor count, 
I have lost my hits of this blog when I migrated to wordpress.
I also ask that you help me (who know how to make me recover these small information) 
and some patience, so I can learn how to work and fix my new blog!

*~~> Click here <~~*
to be redirected to my new blog.

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